Product Facts:

Tascot Templeton's carpet can be divided into 3 main categories:


The Axminster looms in both narrow and broad width offer maximum flexibility in colour and design choices.

In narrow width Symbolic and Wellington Tavern ranges are identified with the hospitality industry, whilst the Broadloom Wellington Corporate range has been designed for both the institutional market and the larger domestic home.


The Weavetex Wilton range in 100cm width offers a stock design range plus the opportunity to secure custom items for as little as 400sq metres.

Fusion Bonded

The Broadloom Fusion Bonded machine, unique to Tascot Templeton in the Southern Hemisphere, produces plain cut pile carpets with a superb plush finish for both the commercial and domestic markets.  This product is renowned throughout the world for its superior quality.

A Proud Heritage
Crafted in Australia - Acclaimed Internationally

Tascot Templeton is a company with long history as woven carpet manufacturer and had its origins in Ayshire, Scotland in 1870 . Since then, Templeton has built up a reputation as a leading manufacturer of high quality Axminister, Wilton and Fusion Bonded carpets.
Custom Made Program

Tascot Templeton's Custom Made Program makes it possible for you to have a carpet that is unique. We can interpret your requirements, adapting suitable existing designs to match your own decorating scheme. Or if you prefer, just tell us your needs and we'll incorporate them with your own ideas to create original designs that will achieve the desired effect.

Design freedom is immense as any one design can include up to 42 individual colours.  We can weave carpets using pattern repeats of up to 180cm (6ft) depending on the width of the carpet woven.

Tascot has a complete computerised pattern banks with unlimited design ideas.