Umi is the exclusive representative of several carpet brands in Singapore acting as their sole agent, contract specialist, indentor, wholesaler and retailer.

The ranges of carpets we represent are of high quality and are suitable for commercial, hospitality, hotels (local and overseas), airports, marine and aircraft uses. No matter what your carpeting requirements are, we will be able to furnish you with the one that meets your requirements and design specifications.

Together with Tascot Templeton (Australia) and Mannington Commercial (U.S.A.), we have successfully completed several carpeting projects in Singapore and overseas. Therefore, we introduce them to you.

Tascot Templeton
1.Introduction to Tascot Templeton
2.Tascot Axminster Carpets range - "Aquatic"
3.Tascot Axminster Carpets range - "Cosmic"
4.Tascot Axminster Carpets range - "Botanical"

Mannington Commercial
1. Introduction to Mannington Commercial
2. Projects installed with Mannington Carpets
3. Mannington Carpets for different purposes
3. Mannington Carpets - Moisture Barrier
4. Mannington Carpets - Product Range
5. Mannington Carpets - Beyond Neo Tec
1. Hand Tufted Carpets and Rugs - > New 5/10/99