Our Beliefs

Mannington is committed, through its Modular Systems manufacturing process, to extending the life of the carpet, and enhancing the performance of carpet over its useful life, with responsible chemistry and product construction. Mannington research and innovation means better products and better value of its customers.

At the same time, Mannington is dedicated to protecting the environment. We make carpet that needs to be replaced less often, reducing the consumption of natural resources. From the beginning, through research and responsible chemistry, our products are designed and formulated to be safer to produce and use. As we make our products, our prority is the safety and well-being of our neighbouring communities. We believe this is the environmentally responsible way to protect our environment and our future.

Cost Shifting

What every manufacturer should tell you about cost
A low price is not always a sign of good value.  All Very often, as a result of cost shifting, the lower initial price means higher long-term cost.

Cost shifting is a term used to describe the process by which some manufacturers reduce the initial purchase price of their products - by taking shortcuts and using lower quality components - while increasing long term maintenance cost and reducing useful life.  For example: Chemistry substitutions in the construction of the carpet may reduce the manufactuer's production cost, but increase significantly the consumer's maintenance cost.

Mannington is committed to providing products with the lowest long-term costs in the industry.  Mannington designs and manufactures its products with one goal: 
true long term value for its customers

Environmentally Responsible

All Mannington Commercial modular tile and six-foot carpets meet the scientifically established standards for low VOC emission set by the Carpet and Rug Institute developed these standards in coordination with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  In comparing competitive vinyl backed carpets. 

The fact that every Mannington product meets or exceeds  these standards is a testament to Mannington's continued committment to promoting a healthy indoor environment.  Mannington's modular products contain no 4PCH, formaldehyde or styrene.