Tasmania, traditionally regarded as agricultural based until 1998, when TASCOT TEMPLETON Carpets with their exclusive Singapore Agent "Union Marketing & Industries Pte. Ltd." successfully won the carpet tender to CHANGI SINGAPORE AIRPORT for:-

  • 12 Gatehold Rooms at Terminal 1 and 2
  • Terminal 1 Extension consisting of 14 new Gatehold Rooms and 2 New Finger Piers.
Overall, Tascot will manufacture 28,900 sq. metres of Custom Pattern Axminster woven carpets for the Changi contract stretching from 1998 to 1999.

A History of Woven Carpet Since 1870

Other prestigious projects completed with TASCOT's Axminster Carpets:-

  • Great World City Service Apartment - Singapore
  • Hotel Phoenix - Singapore
  • Norwegian Cruise Ship Contract
  • Apollo Hotel - Singapore
  • Suzhou Sheraton Hotel - China
  • Meritus Westlake Hotel - Hanoi
  • Golden Village Cineplex - Worldwide

Custom Made Program

Tascot Templeton's Custom Made Program makes it possible for you to have a carpet that is unique.

Design freedom is immense as any one design can include up to 42 individual colors. We can weave carpets using pattern repeats of up to 180 cm (6 ft.) depending on the width of the carpet woven.