Keeping Carpet Dry is our "First Line of Defense"!
The moisture barrier test

Because "A True Moisture Barrier" is critical to all applications of modular tile and six-foot products.

Healthcare environments, humid areas and any installation that requires a wet cleaning maintenance system must have a moisture barrier that prevents stains and spills from penetrating the preccoat and secondary backing. Mannington's backing system provides a dual moisture barrier that blocks the potential for bacterial growth and offensive odors. It protects against wickback staining problems, enhances the effectiveness of properly applied wet cleaning systems and helps to lower long-term maintenance costs.

Not all moisture barriers are the same.

While other manufacturers use water-based pre-coats, Mannington's vinyl-precoat backing technology provides a total moisture barrier from the base of the yarn pile to the floor. This prevents stains and spills from penetrating at two contact points: from the point of contact with the spill through to the point of contact with the subfloor. Non-water based precoat and backing chemistry allows us to offer the only total moisture barrier vinyl product in the commercial carpet market. The result is enhanced long-term appearance retention and longer life of the carpet.

Modular Construction System
When Specifying commercial carpet, the type of backing composite is as important to performance and end-use satisfaction as the choice of yarn or face construction. Mannington's advanced polymer composite represents the most complete backing system in the industry, providing:

  • Dual moisture barrier
  • Superior tuft bind
  • Dimensional stability (guards against edge ravel, delamination, zippering, loss of resiliency)
  • Carpet that passes standard flammability and smoke generation tests
  • Carpet that meets the Carpet & Rug Institute's Indoor Air Quality
    Certification Program (ASTM D 5116) using the EPA protocol
  • Chemically welded seams that provide a truly seamless moisture barrier for the ultimate in stain (wick back) protection and cleanability
In six-foot carpets, this composite vinyl-back system blends the performance characteristic of seam-welded sheet vinyl flooring and soft surface broadloom carpet.

The moisture barrier test
The moisture barrier test